Easy to install, easy to use!

Lid Assist is quick and easy to use, fits in seconds, no tools needed.

It is compatible with household wheelie bins everywhere!

Many people back their bin to a wall, but because the bin wheels are on the same side as the lid hinge,
it is tricky to get a full/heavy bin away from the wall, you can not lean it on to its wheels until it is away from the wall, you have to drag it away.
Lid Assist is useful in this situation too.

It doesn’t get in the way on bin day.

Lid Assist can be left attached and will not get in the way when the bin truck tips the bin to empty it.
Other bin lid clamps/locks are on the market and they would need additional action on refuse collection day eg fully removing and putting elsewhere.

Simply rotate Lid Assist around the bin handle, out of the clamping position and you’re all good for bin collection day.


Hook Lid Assist on top of bin handle
as shown, sticking out from the side of the bin.

Place rubber strip in-between Lid Assist clamp
and the bin handle. Put Tension Bar into Slot.

Turn Tension Knob clockwise (no need to overtighten)
to clamp Lid Assist at any angle.
Clamped horizontally, it will keep the lid shut.

Loosen Tension Knob to alter the angle of Lid Assist.
Clamped vertically, it will hold the lid open upright for you.