Lid Assist Features

Lid Assist is multi-functional.
It has features that are proven and already selling, but no other product does it all

  • Stops wheelie bin lid from banging and holds it open at a convenient angle. Some of the latest UK bins have a built-in lid stopper (stops the lid from going all the way over and banging), which proves this is a desirable feature. Lid Assist can do this for the many millions of bins that don’t have this feature.
  • Clamps bin lid closed. Lid clamps are being sold all over the world so it proves customers want them, but Lid assist does more than just clamp lids shut.
  • Easily identifies your bin. Lid Assist is available in various colours, so you will spot which bin is yours straight away on bin collection day. 
  • Lockable and secure. Theft-proof. With its anti-theft holes, you can easily attach a padlock to secure your Lid Assist to the wheelie bin.
  • Built to last using very tough materials.